Another One?

Yes, another flying blog.

I make no apologies either. Everyone has a story to tell, mine’s a bit more boring than others, but there may be a few people out there who will enjoy it.

I hope to put up some good information—I’ve been collecting aviation data and books for almost 15 years—that should help someone somewhere fly better and (groan!) safely.

I haven’t flown a real aircraft in almost 10 years, but I hope to get back in the air again soon. Preferably, according to the missus, after paying up on my life insurance. 😉

I’m also a Senior Controller on VATSIM which I think has made me understand flying in controlled environments better. Let me put it this way, no “mic fright” for this old boy no way no how.

So the categories I’ll be posting under are as follows, with more as I decide:

  • Flight Planning
  • Navigation (Pilotage, Ded Reckoning, Celestial Navigation, Radio Navigation)
  • Books
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aviation Regulations
  • Human Factors
  • Air Traffic Control
  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)
  • VFR (Visual Flight Rules)
  • Meteorology
  • Engines
  • Rules of Thumb
  • Mathematics
  • Performance
  • Flying Technique
  • Instrumentation
  • General Aviation (GA)
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Emergency Operations
  • Miscellaneous

You’ll have to keep the following in mind as you read along:

I am no shy, retiring flower. I will give an opinion and that opinion, right or wrong—although I will try my earnest best to be right—may tick you off. I am a political person of a conservative bent (see for my more political rants). I don’t like President Barack Obama and his liberal policies but I will stay away from discussing politics as much as possible, although the future of general aviation doesn’t look quite too good considering Obama’s  (and the Democrats’) penchant for taxing the snot out of anything that moves.

Because of this, I will likely stray into giving political opinions as it relates to aviation. I beg your pardon ahead of time, but to quote Plato, we’re all political animals by nature. I am adamantly against turning American GA into what it passes for in Europe!