Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL.

A rather disappointing college—if you wanted to study Aeronautical Engineering—seeing as they didn’t have such a department. For some reason, they did have a department of Ocean Engineering. Why, I have no idea! It’s not like the school was less than a mile from the Atlantic ocean or anything and that it had the actual word ‘Atlantic’ in its name. Whatever.

So I didn’t end up studying my first love and so, I never got to fulfill a childhood dream: designing, building, and flying an aircraft of my own design. Maybe I’d have been this guy, Dave Rose:


That’s a machine he calls the RP-4. Jeff Wise writes up a pretty entertaining article in Popular Mechanics about him and others who fly aircraft of their own designs. The RP-4 is being built to either kill Dave Rose or catapult him into aviation glory for the fastest piston-power aircraft (something around 529mph)