Better Than Best Maximum

Good Better Perfect

It’s strange what the brain gets up to sometimes.

I was reading about the well-known Vx, Vy speeds (Vx = best angle of climb; Vy = best rate of climb) in a British textbook, only they didn’t call it best rate of climb or best angle of climb. The writer used the adjective maximum, as in maximum angle of climb and … well, you get the idea.

For some reason, this switch made things snap into focus a bit better. Practically, it doesn’t make that much difference of course, but when I think of a best rate of climb and compare that with maximum rate of climb, the latter phrase makes more of an impact. Maximum, it seems to me, is “fuller” somehow than best. Bear with me here: while there may be a better than best rate, there’s nothing better than maximum.

Yes I know, silly semantics. But think about it for a second and let me know what you think; sometimes when trying to grasp a difficult topic, a word change here or there can make all the difference between instant comprehension and drudgery.

Author: Fred

I'm the student pilot who hasn't flown in years. One day, I'll spread my wings.