Hearne, TX

From Bax Seat:

Hearne has one of the finest runways in Texas—7,000 feet of broad, endless white cement. Not hardly any airport, but they have one hell of a runway. It was a “war base” back in 1942. Now it’s a huddle of sungrayed tin buildings and the bleaching bones of two Normandy-invasion Waco gliders. Linda thought they were old house trailers. I explained that those things, full of men, were towed by C-47s and cut loose to glide down in the dark behind enemy lines. Linda looked a long time at the gaunt skeletons, the wind blowing her copper hair. “They were very brave, weren’t they?” And the long-forgotten ghosts lined up on rusted piperack seats grinned and clacked their appreciation.

Gordon Baxter, the good old boy could write!

Author: Fred

I'm the student pilot who hasn't flown in years. One day, I'll spread my wings.