VORget About It

I can almost guarantee you that everything you know about tracking VORs is wrong or if in the off chance you have become by blood, toil, tears, and sweat, accomplished with VORs, then I can almost guarantee that your system–if it can be called that–is too complicated. But perhaps I’m projecting because it was for me, until I read Never Get Lost by the Austrian author Wilhem Thaller when it all snapped into focus.

I use “read” in a loose sense because Mr. Thaller, bless his German-speaking heart, brutally stuck a knife in the language when he published his book in English. It’s an atrocious translation and almost made me wish I spoke German so I could read it in the original. Since I had neither the inclination or time, I plucked from the book what I could; it made me feel like I was mining for gold in a mound of manure.

With time and Internet wanderings, I found articles on VOR navigation by Andrew Sarangan and Joe Campbell that echoed Thaller and in better English, thank ye God!  Then came Gian Luca Noia on Youtube to translate all that text into full-motion video! If you ever have had problems with interpreting VOR navigation, I promise that this will have you wondering what the big deal was. It will also amaze your instructor(s) when you can tell (within seconds) where you are in relation to a VOR and what’s more, how to navigate with respect to any radial you’re given. Again, instantly: